I want to share with all of You folks my journey in fitness. I´m not a pro, but still I want to motivate myself and maybe give some of it also to others.

I´we been training with some pauses almost 17 years. There really have been pauses, some shorter and some even for years, but like I said to my trainer, being fit and to tran is like a disease, which comes back and full treatment is "unhealthy".

I have my goals and right now I try to get to them without purchasing training and nutrition plan from my trainer. I just try to eat according to info I remember from really strict dieting times. I ate so also during my latest pause from gym and guess what, nothing major happened. Bodyweight came down due to loss of muscle mass and a bit fat gathered under my skin, but nothing like that, when I was 230 pound "big guy".


It means, that in Jan 2013 ... I was a "bacon" 🙂

Current goal - feel myself good and get more or less same form as 2013 July 🙂

Thank You for Your time 🙂